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    From the News

    We want a short physical management meeting

    Each year, towards the last quarter, companies gather for intensive management meetings. This is the time to examine the business results of the activity during the year, to set growth targets for the future, to analyze successes, and to examine areas that were less than expected by management. Most of the companies hold the days of management in lecture halls, hotel halls, where you can sit comfortably, eat and watch huge screens on which the data and presentations are screened.

    But one of the things that misses such a process is the “team spirit” and the “fighting spirit” that more intensely incorporates the team of managers and employees into one organ. In other words, when you examine a sports team that comes to the field, you will see everyone embracing, crowded, surrounded by a coach that breathes energy into them, a hunger for victory. Moreover, in more physical sports, such as rugby, tribal combat movements were copied, such as the New Zealand team’s ‘Hakka’, which adopted the martial dance and courage of the natives. In this way the players actually “heat themselves up” for the game, like prehistoric hunters who go hunting mammoths or war against another tribe.

    Is the analogy too far? Definately not..

    Under all suits, the business world behaves like the “animal” in the early days of nature: “lead or be led,” “what will bring you the extra Edge to beat competitors,” “how to increase market share this year.”

    Sports days as a way to produce team spirit and fighting

    In order to bring a spirit of combat to the business world, Switch Active, led by its founder, Barak Tzur, offers days of management in a more relaxed environment. This does not mean canceling the marathon sessions on the achievements of the year and the goals of the coming year. On the contrary, the conferences can still be held in a hotel, in luxurious halls or in the company’s offices, but all the energy of the day is changing !!! And added a unique added value: today is packed with short breaks that refresh the managers from the long sitting, raise the pulse and convey strong messages of strength and cohesion in the group. It is also a good way to reconnect people, to release tensions between departments and departments, and also on the personal level, to remind that in the end, everyone should be harnessed to a common goal, the success of the company. Moreover, studies have shown that sports activity stimulates the brain and allows for more creative thinking. Thus the breaks will allow the team new and creative ways of thinking that are required in days of this kind.

    Speaking of the sports days of Switch Active, this is a very wide range of activities that will add another dimension of pleasure to competitiveness itself. The activities go from boxing to punching bags, to new trends such as HIIT and CrossFit training, TRX track trials and even climbing challenging challenging obstacles.

    In this way, the atmosphere on the day of management is much more positive, open and free, managers know each other better, and most importantly, through physical activity and raising the pulse, they are flooded with endorphins and positive energies in a way that only light exercise can bring. This is not a workout, you do not sweat and you do not need showers and changing clothes, but you see a flushed cheeks and a sparkle in your eyes.

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