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    Obstacle Course Races

    Obstacle course races are a new global trend.

    Switch Active has become an expert in building modular courses that enable such activities in cities and parks.

    No need for heavy anchors or structures in the field… we enable the rapid opening and closing of routes.

    Obstacles can be fitted for mature active crowds as well as for families with young children.


    Crawling in lots and lots of mud underneath logs and tires

    Sample Video


    Climbing Pyramids

    The Pyramid comes in various heights and sizes.

    Each contains a large advertising section where sponsors would love to place their logo.


    Wall Jump

    2.4 meters in height, the wall is built is built in a modular way.

    Expandable to 12 meters in width or divided into two walls, each 6 meters wide.


    Monkey Bars

    Large structure that can be adjusted by length and width based on crowd size and level of difficulty desired.

    Includes a large advertising section on both sides.  Can be built over a mud run or inflatable mattresses.


    Bottom Side Wooden Log Climbing

    Large structure of wooden logs.

    Adjustable to a width of 18 meters or two structures each 9 meters wide.

    Structure is built at angle.  Logs can be climbed on bottom side or on top, which is easier.

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