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    Our activities

    Municipal Sporting Events

    Switch Active specializes in turning any location into a mass sporting event.

    This could be done at city square, on a soccer field or a municipal park, beach and even on neighborhood lawns.

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    Companies and organizations – Management and human resources events

    Whether it’s an active break during a management event, part of a health week or of a corporate field day, you’ve reached the right place.

    Switch Active is happy to turn management and employees into a winning team.

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    Obstacle Courses

    Obstacle courses are a global trend.  The audience shows up in groups of families or friends, runs together, supports each other and enjoys its time between climbing pyramids and racing through mud runs.

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    Street Workout Events and Youth Sports Parties

    We love youth sporting events because that’s just the right age to enjoy the combination of music and sports and to become exposed to the various “flavors” of exercise.

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