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    "You have to expect things from yourself
    That you still can not do. "

    Michael Jordan, a basketball player

    Meet us

    At its outset, Switch Active provided training for overweight children and families.  The owner of the company, athletic trainer Barak Zur, who was himself overweight as a child, decided to combine exercise with experiential tools so that trainees could fall in love with their sport.

    Our philosophy is that people should experience physical exercise as they would a dinner buffet at a 5-star hotel restaurant – with lots of flavors, colors and styles, and on the backdrop of upbeat music.

    With the variety of options that we offer, we're certain you'll find an activity that meets your needs!  We understand that if you enjoy and connect, you're more likely to persist.

    Our offering is best suited for corporate teams, residential communities and students.

    So let's start moving, smiling and living!

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